Rules for Quest in General

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Rules for Quest in General

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:45 pm

1. No Godmodding. This means that you can't RP another person's character without their permission, and you can't change the mission unless you are the rolemaster.

2. No Lying about rolls. If we find out that you have been lying about dice rolls, you're off the forum as soon as we can ban you.

3. No Mary Sues. This is a link to a Mary-Sue test. If you score too high, your character's out! Razz

4. No Flaming. This means bullying people or insulting them. It's, aside from Rule 2, the easiest way to get the banhammer.

5. Keep Cussing to a minimum. OOC cussing is not allowed, neither is explicit content. You may use one In-Character cuss word per week.

6. Don't post on the wrong forum or topic. Your post will be deleted.


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