Character Rules

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Character Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:54 pm

1. You can't have a multiracial species, i.e. a Half-Elf.

2. You can have only one of your stat rolls add up to 18.

3. Your stat rolls can add up to no more than 100.

4. Your character can't be a Mary-Sue. Check out this link.

5. Abilities and Disabilities are limited to 8 each, and have to be even. (i.e. You can't have 10 ability points and 10 disability points or 7 ability points and 5 disability points)

6. You can have up to 2 characters at one time.

7. Character transferal from one session to the next is illegal.

8. Your character is not the sacred one unless the world dictates they are.


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